Herb Farmer

The other day I thought about starting a garden.  And then I remember I don’t eat vegetables….

I then decided that I wanted to start growing herbs.  Doesn’t cooking with fresh herbs sound fun?  Not that I usually cook with herbs…or cook period…but it still sounds like fun.

I have a tendency to start things and not finish them.  Nate suggested I start with one herb and go from there.
While bored out of my mind in Menard’s (waiting for Nate to locate some yard thingy), I found this darling herb pot…

April 2011 071

We'll call him "Herb"...short for Herbert.

I purchased the $3.97 pot and an 80 cent package of chives.

I placed some dirt in the pot and sprinkled the seeds on top.  I then covered the seeds with 1/4” of dirt, as suggested on the package.  I gave them some water and set the herb pot on the end table in our kitchen.

April 2011 060

Now I’m anxiously awaiting the sprouting of chives!!  I planted them on Sunday.  I don't see anything yet.  I'm getting discouraged.  Yes, I do have a bachelor's degree in Biology but that still doesn't make the waiting any easier...

Have you tried to grow herbs?  Do you have a favorite recipe that uses chives?