Faucet Switch-a-roo

Yesterday we discussed our "must-haves" for our bathroom. 

Awesome faucets were also on the list.

We fell in love with Price Pfister’s Ashfield faucet.


It was old yet modern.  Our favorite style.

The only finish Lowe’s had in stock was Rustic Pewter.  I wasn’t too excited about having different finishes (brushed nickel for everything else) but we decided that the finishes were close enough.  The coolness factor won out.

We knew when we purchased the faucet that it had water-sense technology (a water-saving low flow faucet) but we weren’t prepared for how low of a flow it really was.  The extremely low flow made it hard to do most anything that you needed to do in the bathroom…clean, wash your face, etc. It was basically only good for a nice flow to wet your toothbrush.  We had to run hot water in the bathtub to get enough hot water upstairs to wash our faces without freezing. How’s that for water saving?

We tried to make it work but the annoyance finally beat the looks.

We decided to replace the faucets with Price Pfister’s Hanover faucet…

April 2011 007

It still had Water-sense technology but had a higher flow.

We love the change.  We can now wash our faces with warm water..the little things in life.

The satin nickel and style also better matches our clawfoot tub’s fixture….

April 2011 016

We are hoping to sell the Ashfield faucets on our garage sale in May…otherwise we will Craigslist them.

What did we learn from this adventure?…looks only get you so far in a bathroom.  Now if we can only remember that in the future….

Anyone else learn the hard way regarding looks versus function?

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