Time Flies

We should have started this blog while we were building our house…but we didn’t.
I’m not sure why.  Must have been the whole moving in with Nate’s parents, graduating from pharmacy school and studying for boards, Nate finishing up tax season, starting a new job, and spending every waking second either at our jobs or working on the house. Guess that’s why…

In order to document our house building process, I am going to occasionally update you on where we were 3 years ago and what things look like now.  (We did do a decent job of photographing the process!)

This is what our house lot looked like exactly 3 years ago...

House 053

And here is the same view this morning….

March2011 002

Crazy how time flies!! 

It’s also crazy what I will do for this blog….like photograph our house in my pajamas.  Luckily we live in Iowa and only the 1 car passed….and luckily I didn’t know them….