Ribbon + Lamp Shades

This week-end’s painting project sucked up all of my creative juices. 

I did do something a little crafty the week-end before last.

I bought some boring lamp shades and glued some ribbon on them.  Call me Martha. I should have my own show.

February11 100 February11 101

I wanted to glue the ribbon to the top and bottom…but I failed. Epically. The ribbon kept bunching up all weird-like.  The fact that the lamp shades were cones and not circles took me down.  Why must I be cheap?  I should have sprung for the circular lamp shades.  But vertical ribbon looks ok, right?

I learned how to remove hot glue from fabric during this epic fail.  How?  A blow dryer.  It reheats the glue and makes it easier to remove. (Or you can stick the fabric in the freezer but I thought it was a little too weird to stick a lamp shade in the freezer). What did I do before google?

And here are the lamps shades are hanging out in the guest bedroom….with the dead-to-me macademia on the walls behind them….
February11 144 February11 145

Anyone else had a great idea that they failed to execute?  I like to “keep it real” here on decorandthedog.