House Tour- Basement Family Room

It’s Friday….which means it’s time to continue on the house tour…

Now we are on to the areas where we haven’t really touched.

Here is the Family Room….

March2011 005

March2011 006

This space has good potential.  It’s 1 big open room. We haven’t done a lot to it because we have spent our “budget” working on the main floor.  You know, the floor that most people see. 

Also our decorating plans for this space sort of depend on whether we have children or not.

Sans children, I can picture a nice kitchenette and pool table on the left side of the room and some large framed vintage posters on the right side…but I can also see a big old farmhouse style table for board games and arts and crafts on the left and Disney movie watching on the right.

At this point in our lives, both have their pros and cons.

Either way, we do plan to add some sort of entertainment center (possibly build it??) in this area...

March2011 011pn

We will also probably change out the Simpsons theme for something a little more grown-up…but who’s in a hurry to grow up???

March2011 010

What’s your vote for this space…..pool table or board games?