Mrs. Apprentice's Mantle

My friend (we'll call her Mrs. Apprentice, to protect the innocent) asked for my assistance.

She e-mailed me these photos and wanted my opinion on how to spice up her mantle.

I like to decorate.  I like to browse websites and find awesome things but this task made me realize how hard it would be to be an interior designer. 

I decorate my house by buying things I like and then making them work. 
That's hard to do for someone else.

After a quick search of some of my favorite sites, I did come up with these suggestions:
  • Hang the picture a few inches above the mantle.
  • Add any of the following (or something similar) to the sides...
Candle Holder found here
Simple Hurricanes found here
Spanish Glass Vases found here
Mrs. Apprentice used these items as inspiration and added a few other options below...
(this is my first attempt at "mood board"...weak!)

Middles vases from ikea found here
Dragonflies found here
Bottom white vases found here

 Which do you prefer?  Any other suggestions for Mrs. Apprentice? 
Who else wants assistance with a problem space?