Happy 4th Birthday!

Ike turns 4 today!  They grow up so fast....

Everyone thinks their kid dog is the cutest and funniest...but ours really is. :)  Seriously.

I can't believe he is 4 already.  Crazy!
I was looking back through some old photos and realized there was never a dull (or inexpensive) moment when Ike was a puppy.  For example:
  • He chewed some holes in the dry wall of our last house (I was busy cramming for an exam and thought he was chewing on a bone...nope, it was the wall)..this is how we learned to repair drywall
  • He ate 1 of Nate's new cell phones....if its in shorts pockets in the laundry basket it's fair game if you are Ike...this is how we learned about insurance on cell phones.
  • I had an emergency root canal on one of my front teeth because I bent down to pet him and he accidently jumped straight into my face.  (He's lucky I didn't need a crown on that tooth....just don't think I would look right with a "grill". :P)...this is how we learned the importance of dental insurance.
He's still high energy but behaves much better these days.  Maybe we should have done that whole obedience school thing a few years ago.

Here are some pictures of his younger days....bad haircuts and all...

We love our dog...

Time for a birthday nap.....

Anyone else treat their dog like their child?  Anyone like their dog better than their human child?
Do you throw your furry friend a birthday party?  Please share!