Rambling Week-end Recap

Home improvement projects were lacking in our house this week-end!  Bummer!

Just mainly some organizing and cleaning...nothing super blog worthy.

The office still needs help but I did straighten it up a little bit.

I cleaned the pantry..which I will post later this week. 

We also took the recycling away...it was taking over our garage...seriously. 
We could barely get out the door.  I didn't take a picture...it was that bad. At least we recycle, right??

Ike and I went on a walk to enjoy the balmy 35 degree weather.  Note that the sun is not out.  I don't think it has been out for more than 10 minutes in the past 3 weeks.  I wish I was joking.

Saturday night we went to supper with some friends.  We had thought about hitting up Flavor Flav's new chicken restaurant that opened up 20 miles from here...

William Drayton, also known as Flava Flav, right, serves the first batch of chicken at his new fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, Iowa.

but the risk of salmonella and gonorrhea scared us away and we settled on Old Chicago instead.
(Do you see gloves in that picture? Do you watch VH1?? Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....)

There is currently a Winter Storm Watch for Tuesday/Wednesday.  10-14 inches of snow!
Keep your fingers crossed for a snow day post! (Yes, I am a small child!)