Not Your Grandma's Hutch

Time to share my favorite "Before and After"

I found this hutch at our local Salvation Army and I knew I could not pass it up!  It was the perfect size for our dining room.  It was sturdy and I loved the curves.  I didn't love the wood. 


Nothing a litle paint can't fix.  Is there anything that paint can't fix??....

How to Paint Furniture | Decor and the Dog

I never thought I'd own china (a wedding gift), let alone a hutch to put it in.  Every day I realize something else in life that keeps adding to my oldness factor....

I used Valspar's Lincoln Cottage Black on the outside and Glidden's Granite Grey on the inside.  I used the grey on the inside for contrast.  I didn't want the hutch to turn into a giant black hole.

I didn't take any step-by-step photos (I'm working on it)....but here are the basic steps that I use to paint furniture...there are about 100 different ways but this is what I find works best for me.


Step 1:

Clean the piece and remove any hardware.  I buy junk furniture which is usually full of cob webs and dust and grossness.  I take some damp papertowels or an old rag and clean it REALLY well.


Step 2:

  I usually go from stained wood to paint so I usually do a light sanding with whatever sand paper I can find laying around.  Don't sand too hard or you can possibly scratch the wood.  For this hutch, I borrowed a hand sander.


Step 3:

Clean off all of the sanding grit.  Again, I just use papertowels for this.  Some people use tacky cloths but papertowels have worked well for me.


Step 4:

Prime.  I use Zinnser Fast Prime 2 and I apply it with small roller brushes.  The primer usually dries within in an hour.  This step doesn't have to look pretty....just get a nice thin, even coat. 


Step 5:

After the primer has dried, you are ready to paint.  I have used a variety of paints and finishes.  I also usually do 2 coats just to make sure the piece is covered well.  I use a smaller roller brush for this step as well.


Step 6:

Replace the hardware.  You can also give it a coat of poly but I find this takes the piece FOREVER to dry and I'm too anxious to put it to use. :P  I do generally wait about a week before I set anything on a newly painted piece.

There you have it! Piece of Cake!

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How to Paint Furniture | Decor and the Dog