Noodle Tradition

Growing up, my grandparents taught my brother and I how to make homemade noodles. They have both passed away but my brother and I now make them on Christmas Eve to share with my mom's side of the family.  Everyone acts like it's a complex, secret family recipe when in reality it involves ~5 ingredients:

egg yolks

First you start with your egg yolks (you can use the whites too but our tradition says "load on the cholesterol" please!). (I use a dozen yolks and my brother uses a dozen) Mix the yolks in with the flour.  It will look like this mess.....

Then you whine because you aren't strong enough and you try to sucker your brother into helping you.  He does jerky brother things and you give up and decide to just knead in the flour by hand.  Once your dough is pretty stiff you roll it out pretty thin.  Then you roll the dough into a roll like this.  Only an Iowan would own a pig cutting board...

From here you slice off noodles to your desired thickness...while being VERY careful with a large knife.  Please excuse the lack of shower and/or make-up....

You then throw the noodles into some boiling chicken broth.  My mom always makes ours by boiling a whole chicken and maybe throwing in some bouillon cubes.  Boil until cooked.  (A good blogger would have taken a final picture....maybe someday I'll get there. :P)

Homemade noodles sound scarier than they are!  Grandpa and Grandma would be proud........minus the sibling bickering. :P