Painted Buffet

My craft room is coming along swimmingly!

This green beauty recently joined my new table.

Painted Green Buffet

It almost didn’t make it into my craft room.  I asked Nate if he thought the two of us could carry it upstairs.  He told me he didn’t think so.  It’s pretty heavy.  (Keep in mind that I am scrawny.)  I really wanted to photograph it in the room.  I asked him again.  He told me that we should wait for my brother who is coming this week-end.  I decided that I couldn’t wait and the two of us could totally do it.  Things went great until we got to the top of the stairs.  The buffet needed to be turned vertically, on the stairs, to make it around the corner.  I am a weanie.  Nate was frustrated.  I was pretty sure the buffet was going to fall on top of me and we’d both topple down the stairs. The headline would read “Death by Buffet”.  (Which would be an awesome way to go if it was one of those all you can eat buffets.) Long story long.  We made it.  Where Michelle has a will, there is a way.

You may remember that the buffet originally looked like this.

Antique Buffet Before

We could go around and around about how horrible it is or isn’t to paint antique furniture.  My dad is probably cringing as he reads this.  But this piece had  peeling veneer on the sides and it was very scratched up.  And I wanted a green buffet.  So I made it green.  No piece of wood is safe from my messy paint brush.

To achieve this transformation, I sanded this lovely down.  Filled in some of the deeper holes with wood filler.  I then used one coat of a Sherwin Williams primer.  I used two coats of Sherwin Williams Agate Green.  I finished with a layer of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

I hadn’t painted furniture in awhile and it felt good.

I kept the original hardware.  One handle was missing so I purchased two knobs to use on the doors.  I’m not completely sold on the oil rubbed bronze.  I’m living with it for a bit before I make a final decision.  Or until it’s warm enough to use spray paint.

Painted antique buffet

This buffet will hold my fabric stash.  The doors open up to a giant storage area.  One of top drawers has dividers and will be great for storing scissors, pins, etc.

It makes me happier than Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot.

Painted Green Buffet

My Pinterest Challenge project is also for the craft room.  I can’t wait to share it with you all on Wednesday.  Do you have your project done?  If not, there is still time!  (Check it out here!)

What do you think?  Is your dad cringing along with mine?  Thoughts on the hardware? Carried heavy furniture lately? Who’s pumped for Wednesday?

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