Halloween Favorites

Halloween is just around the corner? Are you ready?

We hit up the local pumpkin patch the weekend before last. It was a beautiful 70 degree day. 

Iowa has been extra warm this Fall but you will hear zero complaints from me. There will be plenty of time for sweaters, boots and hot drinks.  PLENTY. OF. TIME. PEOPLE.

There's an adorable pumpkin patch located about 10 minutes from our house. They have a bunch of activities for kids.  Clark is still a little too young for those so we headed out on a hayrack ride to find our pumpkin. I thought this might be one of those activities that sounds way more fun in my head but turns out to be a disaster in reality.  It was a really fun trip!  Minus the bees. But bees are an important part of nature so I'll let that slide.

Nate wore his "Significant Otter" tee and Clark wore his favorite baseball tee and skater shoes. I told Nate he needs to start taking fashion lessons from his son.

Clark took his time figuring out which pumpkin would be best.  He has no clue what you do with a pumpkin but he enjoyed pumpkin scouting.

He decided on a big ol' round one. Good choice little buddy.

Like most people, many of my fondest childhood memories are from my childhood. I hope Clark feels the same way! We started celebrating Halloween at the beginning of the month with some Halloween books and pajamas. Here are some of our favorites! And let's be real, by "our' I mean "mine".