Maternity Photo Tips

Things are about to change big time around here.  I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant which means our little guy could be joining us at any time!  We've made a mad dash the past couple of weeks to finish ALL OF THE THINGS.  (Which equals lots of projects to share soon! Including the nursery!)  We actually had a little down time this past weekend and we really weren't sure what to do with ourselves.

I managed to do a pretty terrible job of documenting this pregnancy.  I honestly think it's because I forgot I was pregnant half of the time.  I was extremely lucky to have such an easy first pregnancy. (Let's hope that carries over into labor but I don't think it works that way.)  It's crazy that all I did was eat a little more and my body just knew what to do otherwise. Biology is crazy stuff.

I did read quite a few places that many moms regretted not taking maternity photos.  I get it.  You feel large.  There's a lot going on.  I'm extremely happy Nate and I took 15 minutes to snap a few quick photos for the ol' memory books though. It's funny because I can barely remember what it's like to not have a big ol' beach ball belly and I've only had it for 9 months. I can imagine the memory of it will fade quickly.

We're lucky to have this cute little Pioneer Village about a mile from our house that lends itself nicely to photos. Nate grabbed his DSLR and 50mm lens and we headed out after one of our baby showers.

The thing I like about these photos is that I look relaxed because my darling baby daddy was the one behind the camera.  Also, I swear I went outside this Summer.  I'm just a fan of sunscreen.

I wore a dress I was comfortable in and didn't worry so much about hair and makeup.  The belly was the star of the show.  We took these photos when I was 35 weeks pregnant.  I think that was a good time frame.  The belly was big enough to capture the pregnancy but I didn't feel as gigantically pregnant as I currently do.  Like I've reached the T-Rex stage of pregnancy where my arms are not proportionally long enough compared to my torso.  All of my pharmacy patients seem concerned that the baby will fall out of me at any moment.  I've started answering "What? I'm not pregnant." or"3 months from now." to the "When are you due?" question that I get 1500 times per 8 hour shift.

We used a tripod to try and capture some of the three of us. Most of them turned out like those terrible awkward family photos. So bad. One of us managed to ruin each photo. I also really wanted Ike to join but we had put these photos off long enough. It was going to be much faster to take them without him. Plus it was 90+ degrees out. We managed to capture a couple of keepers though.

Maternity photos are taken.  The nursery is ready.  Baby has cooked to full term.  All that's left is the waiting game!

Any guesses on when he'll arrive and how much he'll weigh?  Not a single entry in my work pool is less than 8 pounds. Yikes! ;)