Coming Soon!

Man. I was hoping to have our nursery posts up this week but my little nerd thinks he only needs 20 minute naps at a time.

His cuteness slays me. 

I always think about blogging first during my free time but then realize I'm now a mom and I need to do responsible things like shower and do laundry. I really didn't want the blog to turn into a mom blog but something happens when you plop a kid out of you.  Your brain is only capable of thinking baby stuff.  It's probably some evolutionary thing to help you keep your kid alive.  Necessary but annoying.  My creative side is starting to come back now that the newborn fog is starting to lift.  We're slowly starting to figure out a new routine that has glimpses of free time in it.  Hallelujah!

Ike is still hanging in there but I'm pretty sure he's done with us after this Halloween photo.

At least Clark still thinks we're funny.

Don't feel too bad for lke though.  He's enjoying the fact that I'm pretty much on house arrest.  I just wish he'd make himself comfortable.

I have the photos loaded for the nursery posts.  I just need to add the words.  Which can't happen until I've had a cup of coffee and by that time the baby's nap is over.  Beings the wait is killing some people (ahem, Brittaney who made this lovely meme)...

Here's a couple of sneak peeks.

In the meantime, our farmhouse vanity is featured as part of November's Bob Vila's Thumb's Up. So if you're bored, head on over and give us a "thumb's up". There's no registering or anything annoying like that.  Just a quick "thumbs up". Thanks, friends!

Enjoy your weekend if you don't hear from me before!