Meet Clark

Oh, hey.  Long time no blog. 

We've been a little busy.

*insert cheesy saying about biggest DIY project to date*

We'd like to introduce you to our little dude, Clark Allen Scheibe.

Clark joined us at 11:48 pm on September 14th.  He took his sweet time entering the world but we think he's worth the wait. He weighed in at a sturdy 8 lb 2 oz.  How I carried a baby that big is beyond me.  How we made such a ridiculously cute human being is also beyond me.

I was going to share my birth story with you all mainly so I could brag about how I gave birth without an epidural.  But is that something one should brag about or be admitted to the psych ward for? I pretty sure it's the latter.  Long story short, it was either epidural and c-section or suck it up.  Most empowering thing I've done in my entire life.  Will I do it again? Probably not.  I do think everyone should have one child.  I question your sanity beyond that. :P

We've had questions on how we chose Clark's name.  We were watching National Lampoon's Christmas vacation last December and we both decided Clark was an awesome name.  We questioned why there weren't more Clarks in the world.  I mean, Clark Griswold is a goof but he's happy, fun loving kind of goof.  A few weeks later, we learned we were having a baby. Name decided. Allen is my dad and brother's middle name.  Prior to deciding on Clark, we both assumed we'd use Nate's middle name, Kent, (which is also Nate's dad's middle name) if we had a boy.  Although, we do think our little guy could potentially be Superman, we couldn't do that to the poor kid. 

We're slowly adjusting to life with a newborn (hence the lack of blog posts!). Nate and I have been married for 9 years and we had quite the routine going.  We're all starting to settle into our new normal. I had no clue one could exist on less than 9 hours of sleep a night.  Seriously. It's possible. Mind blown.

The biggest question has been how is Ike holding up? He's doing okay.  He's pretty apathetic about the whole thing. He's exhausted from helping care for the baby and spends most of his days snoring on the couch. He sniffs Clark's head on occasion.  He'll cuddle with me when I nurse.  He'll chew his squeaker toy at the foot of the rocker just as I am about to get Clark to sleep.  He'll help change diapers as long as Clark isn't crying.  He loves to check out Clark's bath time. Overall he's quite helpful.  He does, however, look at us daily and questions when we are going to return Clark to wherever he came from.  Poor Ike.

Next up, the nursery reveal.  Hopefully within the next week.  If this baby of mine stops nap striking.  He gets that from his father!