Vacation at Table Rock Lake

I think I want to be on vacation for the rest of my life.  I'm sure I'm alone in this.  I'm also full of genius ideas.

If you haven't already guessed, Nate, Ike and I spent the past week on vacation.  Where'd we go?  Seattle? Boston? Florida?  All were potential options but Missouri won.  What?  You haven't heard that Missouri is the new vacation destination of 30 somethings. Wait.  It isn't.  More like 80 somethings.  We fit right in.

We spent the week at Table Rock Lake.  It was rough.  (Okay, the 8+ hour drive was pretty painful.  Ike and I were troopers.  I think he did better than I did.)  But the view.  The view was not rough.

Nate's boss let us borrow his cabin.  For free.  The offer was incredibly kind.  The cabin is seriously perfect.  It has just the right amount of charm.  It's quiet.  We had access to a boat and a community pool.  Can you ask for moree?  This Missouri vacation was pretty much amazing.   

This cabin made relaxing easy.   There was no television or WiFi.  We did have cell phone service but tried to limit it.  I spent a lot of time reading.  Nate and Ike spent a lot of time staring into spacing and making me nervous by doing so.  Weirdos.

I fell in love with the cozy rooms.

We ate in for breakfast and lunch.  This kitchen made cooking seem like less of a chore.

Before staying here I didn't understand the appeal of log homes.  I now get it.

Our vacation was mostly spent lounging at the pool and on the cabin deck.  

Which means we didn't take a lot of photos.  Ike didn't mind.  He had a blast.  He totally wants to be on vacation forever too.

The two of us spent the morning snuggling before Nate woke up.

We pondered life on the dock.  Until he saw a bug.

He enjoyed the extra bonding time but drew the line at a family photo.

Until next time, dear vacation.