Hearth Tile Decision

Man.  We're making a lot of decisions around these parts.  That's all we're doing lately but that's cool.

I mentioned last week that our house is suffering from the DIY snowball effect.  The next victim? 

Hearth Tile Decision

The hearth tile. 

Not the dog.  The dog stays.  (He is so stinking cute right now.  I can't even.)

Our current tile is fine.  But that's it.  Just fine.  Boring but fine.

Hearth Tile

Since we're ripping up the carpet we decided we just might as well go crazy and get new tile too.  The tile is purely decorative beings the fireplace is electric.

Problem was that Nate and I had differing ideas on this project.  We usually agree on most everything but we had completely different thoughts on this one. We headed to the Tile Shop in Des Moines to check out our options.  (This project is not sponsored in any way. We just love the Tile Shop.  We shelled out our hard earned $45 on this one so no one has to get huffy about bloggers getting free things.  *bungees off soap box*)

I was leaning towards some type of small hex preferably in a light tone.  I think I was heavily influenced by blog reading on this one.  (For example, Gabbi's makeover makes me want to pet her hearth.)

Hearth Tile Decision

Nate had in mind a large, dark tile laid out vertically.

Hearth Tile

Neither of hated the others decision.  But we each liked our own idea better.

We don't run into this often.  We usually have very similar thoughts.  This was a tough one.

We checked out each others top choice and then did some looking outside of our original thoughts.  We were pondering these barn wood looking tiles.  We loved the look but we weren't sure we wanted to go quite this country.  We also questioned how timeless they would be.

Hearth Tile Decision

I asked Nate if he could compromise on a black hex.  I almost had him sold.

Hearth Tile

Until we found this black penny tile.  We both fell instantly in love.  I loved the look.  Nate loved that they are going to easy to install.

Hearth Tile Penny Tile The Tile Shop

Bam. Decision made.  We're going to go with the grey grout as well.  We're hoping to start on this a couple of weekends from now.

How do you and your significant other/roommate decide of home decor?  Any tips for installing hearth tile?

Tips for choosing new hearth tile.  An easy upgrade!