Haven Conference and Life Lately

Man. I don't know about you all but I'm sleepy.  I spent the past few days attending the Haven DIY blog conference in Atlanta.  It was equal parts awesome and soul sucking.  I chickened out previous years.  This year I conned Kim into being my roommate and we went for it.

I'm a total introvert and being surrounded by 200 other bloggers sounded like some form of torture.  Turns out I have a great group of blog buddies and meeting them face-to-face ended up being the best part of the trip.  I've followed quite a few bloggers for multiple years and you truly don't get to know someone until you have a conversation in person.

Haven 2014

I also learned a few things.  Like I shouldn't post random things with crappy phone photos.  I clearly learned a lot.

Actually I learned quite a bit about myself.  I was truthfully expecting to walk away from the conference feeling like a huge loser with a crappy blog.  I surprisingly feel just the opposite.  My blog is random.  The photos aren't always magazine quality.  (Okay, let's be real.  They are never magazine quality.)  I don't have a strong focus.  But I have a voice.  My brand isn't high end DIY.  My brand is quirk. It's a ridiculously cute furry beast.  It's normal people ripping apart their newly built house.  Who knew that was a brand?  Fascinating, right? 

Will I go back next year?  I just don't know.  Only time will tell. 

Let's get on with the stuff most of you are here for.

Ike Wire Fox Terrier

This is the photo I now bring up when anything crummy happens.  It's beyond impossible to not smile when looking at that photo.  Try it.  Let me know if you are successful.  Okay, no smile on that one?  What about a winking Ike? 

Ike Wire Fox Terrier

I can't even.  I feel like I should have taken Ike to Haven.  He's the extrovert in the group.  Maybe next year?

Lastly, here's a progress report on our living room.

Oh, it looks the same as two weeks ago?  Oops.  It's starting to kill me.  I need order but I'm giving up hope until September.  Ike, on the other hand, is making the most of it.  The living room chair is giving him a comfy spot to monitor our cooking in the kitchen.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!  Ike thanks you for stopping by Decor and the Dog!