Rantings and September Recap

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh, too soon?  Retailers are making me grouchy with their need to skip Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays, fools.  There will be no Christmas on the blog.....yet.

And don't get me started on this day light savings time business. I think I might buy a light box this year.  Seriously.  And how is a blogger supposed to photograph her pretty new dining table when it gets dark at 4:45pm and she doesn't get home until 5:30pm? Riddle me that one.  Or the fact that I'm off tomorrow at 4:00pm but it's supposed to rain until 2015.  Ahhhh.

So, instead of my beautiful new table built by my darling husband (barf), you get September's recap.  Yes, I realize that it's now November.  Lay off. 

Here's what you forgot about.  Or missed.  Either way, right? 


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Now I want Chicago style pizza.  Any rants you'd like to share with me today?  What was your favorite September project?