Good Housekeeping Feature

Happy Friday!  I've been a little under the weather this week.  Nate knew I was ill when I told him I wasn't really into the internet.  I'm lucky that I have a cute nurse that has me almost back to well.


I thought I'd drop in quick and share that my craft room was featured over at Good Housekeeping last week! 

Good Housekeeping.png

As you can maybe see from my screenshot above, my chevron wall is part of a slide show titled "DIY Wall Art: 8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Space."  Very exciting! 

Decor and the Dog Craft Room 6.jpg

Head here to check out the slideshow.  The other projects are fantastic.  Thanks to Good Housekeeping for sharing one of my favorite rooms in our house!

Happy weekend!  Do you have big plans?  We are headed to Iowa City tomorrow.  It is my 5 year pharmacy class reunion/University of Iowa Homecoming.  We are hoping rain doesn't ruin our plans!  

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