Boy Pennant Quilt

I am a quilting fool. Or is it just a fool?  I don't remember.   I can never get that one straight.

I made this quilt for a co-worker's grandson.  This co-worker is also my source of all things awesome.  She also has a love for junk furniture and antiques.

"Hey, I love this buffet."  "I have one of those you can have for free in my garage."  (See it here.)

"Nate and I are looking for some barn wood to build a table." "I've got a whole garage full of it.  How much do you need? "

And she won't let me pay her.  So I asked if I could make her grandson a quilt for his 1st birthday.  Nate is also going to photograph her grandchildren.   Still not a fair deal on her end but I at least feel a little better about the situation.

Enough chatty mcchattersoning, here's the quilt!


Toddler pennant quilt.jpg

I wanted to make this one a little larger than some I have made in the past.  It turned out much larger.  That's not all bad. 

baby boy pennant quilt.jpg

I took these photos on a dark and rainy morning.  Ike was still sleepy.   Probably because he was up at 4:45am.  He was claiming that he was "too cold" and needed to sleep in the bed.  He's not a furry dog, sleeping in a 70 degree house with 2 blankets and a pillow.  Nope.  He's lucky he's cute.

ike and the pennant quilt.jpg

I picked a dot chevron on the back.  It looked nice and boy like.  Or something. 

back of pennant quilt.jpg

I am now working on a different type of quilt for my college roomie's triplets. I promised the quilts before they get to college.  I'd better get to moving...