Shiny Bathroom Post

Remember our bathroom that we started tiling 17 years ago?  Yeah.  We’ve made no progress.  Go team. 

We are, however, sick of sharing a vanity.  #firstworldcoupleproblems

We hope to hop back on the tiling train this weekend.  Hope being the key word.

We have started to finalize some other plans and today I am going to share with you.  Because that’s what I do.  Overshare.

Our plans include shiny objects.  My favorite. 

I dare you to turn this post into a drinking game.  Drink on “shiny”.  Go.

It all started with this beautiful light.  It is the Pullman Bath Light from Shades of Light.  So shiny.  Shiny. Shiny. Shiny.  (I hope you’re playing the game with coffee.)


The polished nickel finish is shiny but also limited some of my other options.  Oh well.  Shiny for the win.

Shiny lights led to shiny faucets.  Like the Park Avenue Faucet from Pfister Faucets.  I didn’t know a faucet could be so beautiful.  And shiny.  I can’t wait to pet it.

park avenue

And last but not least.  Shiny mirrors.  We decided on the Gatco 4589S Laurel Avenue Rectangle Wall Mirrors.  The mirrors were a tough decision.  We had originally thought framed mirrors but we later decided that we want to let the tile shine (different from shiny).


Our final decision is shiny hardware for the cabinets.  That, dear readers, is still a work in progress.

Are you a shiny object fan?  Who wants to help us finish tiling?