Zombie Run

You’ll have to excuse my lack of DIY posts.  I’ve been busy.  Running from zombies.

I learned two things this week-end.  I might survive day 1 of a zombie apocalypse.  I probably wouldn’t survive day 2 because I wouldn’t be able to move.

Two of my favorite pharmacy school friends and I ran the Zombie Run this past Saturday.

2013-04-13 08.52.45

The Zombie Run was a 5K Cross Country run with proceeds going to the Special Olympics.  Did I mention that I hadn’t ran since October?  It was also freezing cold and spitting snow.  Good work, Iowa.  Good work, silly blogger.

We started the race with 8 flags. The goal was to “survive” the race with at least one flag. If all of your flags were removed, you were infected with the zombie virus.

The race was on Credit Island.  It was a super gloomy day.  The island is creepy and full of old military buildings.  The setting was quite perfect for a zombie apocalypse. It has been raining for the past two weeks which made the entire course a giant puddle of mud.

Because running a cross country race through mud away from zombies wasn’t enough, they also added obstacles.  Like hay bales covered in plastic.

2013-04-13 11.01.57

And plywood slides that were super hard to climb with muddy shoes.

2013-04-13 10.49.09

Luckily the zombies left us alone on the obstacles but we were zombie fair game after we got off.



I made it to the last obstacle with two flags.  And then a zombie kid took both of them at the very end.  Note to self, avoid children during a zombie apocalypse.  Darn zombie kid.

Anna and I became zombies. 

2013-04-13 11.04.39

Megan was still a human but was nice enough to drive us home.

2013-04-13 11.04.26

2013-04-13 11.06.29

Are you into the zombie hype?  Do you think you’d survive an apocalypse? Who wants to bring me some ibuprofen for my sore muscles?