March Recap

I’m learning something in my old age.  Time flies when you’re old.

I was checking prescriptions yesterday.  I was all like “Whoa.  Trying to fill your narcotics super early there, Mr. Patient.  Last filled on March 1st.  Totally not getting that 3 weeks early.”  I then realized that it was April and Mr. Patient was not abusing his prescription drugs.  Nothing gets past this pharmacist.

It’s time to look back on what we discussed on the blog in March.  March was pretty quiet.  April is going to be as well. I’m not going to lie.  I’m just hanging out until our after tax season vacation (We’re headed to Florida. Yay sun!).  But after vacation, our house had better look out.

Past monthly recaps: January, February

Did you have a favorite March project?  Anyone else just hanging out until vacation?  Where is your next vacation destination?

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