Paint a Chalkboard Wall

Everyone needs to sit down.  I have a unique and genius idea to share with you all. 

I painted a chalkboard wall in my craft room.  No one has ever painted a wall with chalkboard paint before.  I’m sure of it.

Paint a Chalkboard Wall

What’s that? I’m the millionth blogger to slap chalkboard paint on their wall?  Really?  Who knew.

I was only going to do a post where I showed you my new chalkboard wall (because the process is not a new one).  But my brother and mom had questions on how I did it.  I then remembered that quite a few of my readers only read this blog (Which is scary for blogging.  Shout out the ladies at the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility.)  Here’s what I learned.

How to Paint a Chalkboard Wall

Purchase your chalkboard paint.  I went with Rust-Oleum’s ChalkBoard paint.  I purchased it at Menards for ~$10.  I’ve seen it at Lowe’s also.  It’s located near the spray paint.  It comes in black and green.  I went with black.

Rust-Oleum's ChalkBoard Paint

Paint your wall as you would with any other wall paint.  I used two coats.  I used almost the entire can on this small section of wall.  I’m also a messy painter so there’s that.

Chalkboard wall progress

Let the paint dry for at least 3 days. 

You will then need to “prime” the walls with chalk. You do this by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over the wall.  This step is a little messy but necessary.  Rubbing the chalk all over prevents your future writing from being permanently stuck on your wall.


I wiped the chalk off with a dry paper towel. And then vacuumed the floor because it was gross.


Now you are ready to draw on your wall!

Chalkboard walls are great for doodling. (All drawn by my little brother. I have zero drawing abilities.)


Chalkboard walls are also great for weekly yearly maternity photos.

chalkboard wall maternity photo

I feel bad for the poor girl that ends up here after Googling “chalkboard wall maternity photo”.  Mwah ha ha.  It’s the little things in life that bring my brother and I joy.

Are you a fan of chalkboard walls or do they scare you?  Don’t worry.  They scared me.  And now I find them ridiculously fun. Even if it is totally over done.

Paint a Chalkboard Wall. How to!.jpg
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