The Time My Rug Tried To Kill Me

Do you want the good or bad news first?

Okay, bad news. Everyone always wants the bad news first.

Remember this rug?


Pretty, right?  Turns out it was killing me slowly.  Don’t freak out if you have a jute rug.  Weird and bizarre things happen to me all of the time.  The weird and bizarre things are part of the reason I write this blog.

I was sick almost all of November and December with sinus infections.  30 days of antibiotics and 2 rounds of steroids led to a CT of my sinuses which showed chronic inflammation.  Allergy testing revealed allergies to dust mites and dogs.  I bought the appropriate dust mite proof bedding.  I was fairly confident that I was not allergic to Ike (My symptoms didn’t change around him.  I did notice symptoms around dogs that shed.).


After taking care of all of that, I was still congested at certain times and just didn’t feel well.  I started paying more attention to the times I was I didn’t feel well.  Many of those times came after being in the living room.  I then pieced together the attack of the burlap and the fact that jute and burlap are closely related.  (I’m going to talk to my allergist about this at my next appointment because these fibers weren’t something that was tested.)

We removed the rug from the living room.  Bam.  Symptoms were gone.  I feel like a whole new person.

So bad news.  My rug was homicidal.

Good news?  I can buy a new rug.  I sold the jute killer on Craigslist along with the small rug that was it’s predecessor. Which leaves me about $50 shy of buying this guy.


Rug buying make me nervous. They are such an investment.  Nate is an accounting zombie so I can’t rely on him for anything.  Ike just wants more bones.

So, what do you think?  Do you like this rug?  Do you have a patterned rug?  The pattern is the only thing holding me back.  Any other fantastic suggestions?  (I need ~8x10 for size.  And preferably less than $250.)

Ever had a piece of home decor turn to the dark side?