The Land of Misfit Furniture

Good bloggers only post pretty photos.  Good bloggers have titles that maximize search engine optimization.  You will get neither of those things in this post.

Our garage has become the Land of Misfit Furniture.  It’s like I’m King Moonracer but I don’t need Rudolph’s help finding homes for these beauties.  (Good bloggers also discuss Rudolph in February.)

Let’s examine.

First up we have the office chair that I had to have…back in November.  It needs cleaned up. I’m adding that to my week-end to-do list.  On top of it is some potential barn wood for a potential dining room table.  Potentially.


The buffet is coming along nicely for my craft room.  Color sneak peak.


This photo shows my almost completed sewing table.  This photo also shows the curio cabinet that I redid and no longer have a place for.


I drove 40 miles to pick up these chairs covered in cat fur.  They were $5 each.  I have a plan.  And I got to have lunch with an old friend. I still win even if they don’t work out.


I’m not only hoarding furniture for myself but also for my brother.  These end tables will soon be an awesome coffee table.  Some day.  Potentially.


I also recently bought this rocking chair.  I took it up to see how it would look in my craft room.  I liked it so much I left it there.  It does need a color change once it’s spring spray paint season.


I think that is all of the crap furniture I am currently hoarding. 

I don’t have a problem.  Why do you ask?

Does your garage look like the land of misfit furniture?  Big plans for the week-end?  Anyone want to clean those cat fur chairs for me?