Easy Valentine’s Yarn Wreath

I am a wreath making fool lately.  It’s become some sort of sickness.

This Valentine’s Day wreath isn’t entirely my fault.

Valentine's Yarn Wreath

Kim (NewlyWoodwards) and I have started a monthly craft night.  We’ve even allowed others to join us in our crafting awesome.  We’re nice like that.

Our craft night has two simple rules:  1. The host picks a project that the will be completed by the group.  (Other crafty things can be worked on after the group craft.)   2. Everyone brings a dessert or appetizer.


Kim was the first to host.  She chose yarn wreaths as our craft.  These wreaths only took us about 3 hours to wrap. (Please note how far behind Mrs. Woodward is.) Of course there were food and adorable baby distractions. 


The directions for yarn wreaths are pretty self-explanatory. Wrap yarn around the wreath until it’s covered.  I used two colors (because I like to make things hard) but it was fairly easy to keep the colors alternating.

This is how we ended the night.  Most of us were yarn wrapped but not finished.  Even though none of us completed our wreaths, we are still considering craft night a huge success.


I finally took some time this week-end to crochet some hearts to finish off my project.  (I used an excellent tutorial from Maybe Matilda.)  In true Michelle fashion, I wanted to keep the wreath nice and simple.  I’m not big on things screaming “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!”.  I like more of a Valentine’s whisper.

Ike loves how the wreath ties in colors from our Be Awesome Today sign and our rug.

Valentine's Yarn Wrapped Wreath Crochet Hearts Wire Fox Terrier

Valetine's Wreath Crochet Hearts Be Awesome Today Sign

Easy Valentine's Crochet Heart Wreath

I’m this month’s host.  Which reminds me.  I need to pick a date and a craft. Yikes.

(Read Kim’s version of this story over here!)

Any craft night project suggestions?  Are you a wreath fan?  Do you like Valentine’s decor to scream or whisper?

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