Craft Room: Sewing Table

My craft room dreams are starting to come true.  Slowly but surely.

They are starting with this pretty little table that my darling husband built.  See the full tutorial here!

DIY Craft Room Table Sewing Table

The key to my heart is handmade furniture.  Write that down.

As you may recall, my craft room looked like this.

craft room before

My default “I don’t know what color to paint this room” used to be yellow. Yellow is a tricky color.  I didn’t do it well.

Now my default is grey.  I’m sure my future self will eventually cringe.  But gender neutral baby yellow?  Seriously, younger Michelle.  So sad.  Borderline tragic.

I painted the side walls March Wind by Sherwin Williams.  I painted the wall with the window Sherwin Williams standard white.  I have stenciling plans for that wall.  I just need to psych myself up to stencil again.

Sherwin Williams March Wind DIY Sewing Table

Ike is clearly pleased with the changes.

The legs/bottom of the table are painted a standard white from Sherwin Williams.  The top is stained with Rust-Oleum’s Sunbleached Ultimate Wood stain.  I never thought I’d be in love with a stain.  But I am.

DIY Sewing Table
Rust Oleum's Sunbleached Ultimate Wood Stain

I wanted the table to be long and narrow. The table is 6 feet long.  I like that I have enough room for my sewing machine and a place to cut fabric.  Kim (NewlyWoodwards) has been giving me sewing lessons.  Look out.  Things are getting serious.

Sewing Table 082

I’m now on the hunt for a set of chairs to go with this table.  I like this set from Target.  My cheap self can’t commit just yet.

Are you interested in a cute table of your own?  We’ll post the tutorial on Friday.  Nate tells me that it’s a fairly simple build.  It took us about 3-4 hours to complete (building/sanding/staining/painting).

Check back Wednesday for a pee your pants announcement.  Hint: I am not pregnant.

Do you sew?  What do you use for a table?  What’s your “I don’t know what color to paint this room” go to?  Any great chair suggestions?