Mudroom Merriness

Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate our 2 year blog birthday on Friday!  I’ll be back after the holidays to answer questions and maybe do a little more blog birthday celebrating.

I have had our house mostly decorated for Christmas since early December but somehow I haven’t shown very much of it on the ol’ blog.  The shame.

Today I’d like to share with you our mudroom.  I took all of these photos myself because Nate was sleepy.  (He did help me frost 1 billion sugar cookies so he’s totally off the hook.)  My photography skills are pretty awful. I do good work.

Decor and the Dog Festive Mudroom

The chalkboard needed some holiday love. I chose part of a quote from my favorite Christmas movie. I watched it twice on Saturday.  Seriously.  If you don’t love the movie Elf, I want you to leave this blog right now.  Or you can stay if you promise to improve your holiday movie taste.

Spread Christmas Cheer

I made some “garland” out of vintage light bulbs and Baker’s twine.  It makes me smile.  I only broke one bulb in the process.  Nate was proud of me.

Vintage bulb garland
Vintage bulb garland2

The nutcrackers are an oldie but a goodie.  I was painting nutcrackers before painting nutcrackers was cool.  The prints I either had or made in PhotoShop.  Because life is merrier with a Wire Fox Terrier.

Spray Painted Nutcracker
Painted Nutcracker 2

That’s it.  A few simple touches to make our mudroom merry.


What’s your favorite holiday movie?  Is your house all decorated?