Because You Need MORE Gift Ideas

I’m shoving handmade gift ideas down your throat.  Take that.

Are you done with your holiday gift shopping/making?  Yeah, me neither.  I don’t like to start too early.  Takes the fun out of the season, you know.

Today I have compiled 8 posts from days past.  I have tackled and succeeded at these projects.  You will too.

Decor and the Dog Gift Collage

You could sew your dog a long tie or even a bow tie.  Who wouldn’t love a monogram made from washersInfinity scarves are all the rage this year.  I suggest a lingerie bag for that friend that travels a lot?  Want to bang your head against the wall?  You could make a state pillow.  Got 15 minutes before that big gift exchange?  Go with the wood bead necklace.  Got a messy cook or hipster in the family?  Go with the apron in a mason jar.

What’s really funny is that no one on my list will get handmade gifts this year because I’m too busy putting together a post on handmade gifts.  Oh, the irony.

Are you giving handmade?  Are you done shopping?  Who is ready for some stinking snow already?