Diggin’ It- Life Edition

Wowsers.  This week has been busy.  I’m too lazy to pester Nate and Ike for their weekly favorites so we’ll bring that back next.  Today I’ll share with you awesome things happening in our lives.  Most of the photos are from Instagram.  If you don’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen.

I added some fall goodness to the front entry.  I should photograph the whole thing but the darn Boxelder bugs swarm our front door and will not die.


The fall colors in our town are quite stunning this year.  This was taken on our nightly walk.


It’s also harvest time. I love the Midwest.


You want to know another reason why I love the Midwest?  Tenderloins bigger than your head.  Lyndsay had no clue what the following masterpiece was.  I didn’t realize that pork tenderloins were a Midwest only type of thing.  I don’t know how one lives without the pork tenderloin in their life.


Speaking of food (this post has some focus issues), I have a deep love for pumpkin this fall.  I’ve never been a huge pumpkin fan before.  But this fall.  This is the fall that I only shove pumpkin…and tenderloins in my mouth.  Like these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I made last Sunday.  And yes, I am going to have to up my workout routine.  Doh.


Eating reminds me of the kitchen.  Ike was concerned that we would never be finished tiling the kitchen backsplash.  It was a valid concern.  No worries little buddy, the tile is now up waiting for grout on Sunday!  Lots of kitchen posts coming up soon…ish.  If I can get my blogging act together.


Speaking of Ike, he just wants to say “hi” and he hopes you have a happy week-end!


How are the fall colors in your area?  Have you had a tenderloin? Could you live without them?  (It just seems wrong.)  How about pumpkin?  Who’s pumped to see this backsplash that has taken us four years to install?