Quirky Owl Wreath

Me:  “Nate, what do you think about this wreath?”


Nate: “Eh.  It’s okay.”  As he runs upstairs.

Me: “You didn’t even look at it.”

Nate:  “I did too.  Sticks.  Owls.”

Me:  “Well, I just need to know if it’s too quirky.”


Nate:  “Not too quirky.  Just Michelle quirky.”

Me: “Okay, good.”

As you can see, my quirky owl obsession continues.  I’ve decided to use them to cure my bird phobia.  Yes, I’m afraid of birds.  My heart races when one is near me or if I can see them plotting to peck my eyes out.  I think it all stems from a childhood encounter with an angry momma goose.  Mothers, keep your kids away from the fowl.  This cute little cartoony owls make me smile though.  They’re helping me rethink birds.  Except for the real owl that lives in the trees behind my house and makes his owly noises while I watch New Girl….as he plots how he is going to take me down.  He has me rethinking nothing.

This wreath was quite simple to make.  I cut out some fabric and used some super glue to attach it to the front of the body.  I sewed around the edges, stuffed it with filler, and sewed it on up.  I can make a template for those of you that are interested.  I was just not interested in making at template last night.  (It’s season premiere week.  I have priorities.)  It’s quirky and old ladyish. My favorite kind of décor wreath.



Do you have a fall wreath up?  What’s on it?  Anyone else using quirky owls to cure their bird phobia?  What’s are your favorite shows this season?