Diggin’ It

Wow.  It’s Friday.  This week went fast!  Here’s our favorites from the week.




  • Have you all read The Night Circus? If not, you totally should.  I’m not one of those people that has trouble putting down books.  I like to read but usually have no trouble dropping a book.  I had trouble putting this book down though.  Amazing.  Read it.
  • I’m loving the kitchen makeover by Rachel (Maybe Matilda).  I’m always a fan of white cabinets and Barn Light Electric lights.  (Rachel was this year’s lucky Barn Light electric giveaway winner!)
  • Today Kim (NewlyWoodwards) and I are headed up north to visit Cindy (The Flipping Couple).  We will be attending the Junk Bonanza.  So. Stinking. Excited. 
    • You can follow our adventures on Twitter and Instagram (My username is decorandthedog) with the hash tag #epicjunk.  I’ll try to post updates on my facebook page as well.



  • I’m liking this Manfrotto Table Tripod. I found that on our recent vacation I didn’t have my tripod with me when I wanted it.  This tripod is perfect for putting in pocket when I don't want to carry around our larger tripod.
  • The Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet is on my birthday wish list.  This product has been recommended by photographers I follow.  It is supposed to be good for editing photos.  Michelle asked “What is it?”  The product description is: Bamboo Splash is a small format pen tablet designed for lite art creation, drawing, sketching, painting and document mark up. Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage Studio software is included. Use ArtRage to create paintings on canvas, concrete, numerous paper types and more. Paint with watercolors, oils, chalk, inks and crayon. Use the "stickers' tool to add multiple embellishments to your art and drawings.  



    Ike thinks he needs this dog tag.  I do too.

    Big week-end plans?  Read anything good lately?  Anyone else heading to the Junk Bonanza?