Pass It On Project

Have you all heard about the Pass It on Project?

The Pass It On Project is all about spreading joy through handmade items.

The principle is simple.  You receive two handmade items.  One if yours to keep, the other is to pass on to someone who could also use some joy.  Who couldn’t?  You then make two items and then send them along to a blog friend.  Your blog friend then repeats.  It’s one vicious joy cycle.

Guess what? I recently received some handmade joy in my mailbox from the lovely Amy over at Buffalo Roam.  Amy is hilarious. You should 100% read her blog. She just moved into her new home that her family put a lot of love into.  Beings Amy had nothing better to do, she whipped up these beauties.


Aren’t they cute?  Such a simple idea that has big impact.  And who doesn’t love a personalized gift?


Ike loved it.  Really.  He did.  He just hates the camera now.  Silly dog.

The framed letters looked perfect in our mudroom.  Amy’s good!


Thanks so much Amy! I smile every time I look at it.  The frame is a nice reminder of the fabulous people I have encountered through this little blog!  The “Live” frame will soon find a home with one of my good friends.

I’m going to do my joy spreading a little differently.  Because I’m different. 

Who would like to receive some handmade joy from me?  I will send two people some handmade goodness for them and a friend. I already have an idea in mind.  It’s fun.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in participating in the Pass It on Project.  If there are more than two of you (I’m waiting for crickets on this one), I will use to select two bloggers that I will announce sometime next week.  If you’re not one of those two, I will encourage you all to look through the comments and find others to continue on the spreading of handmade joy.  Deal? Deal.