Barn Light Electric Giveaway

I’m sick of writing about my brother’s kitchen.  Let’s talk about lighting.

Do you all remember when I won a $1000 gift certificate from Barn Light Electric?  How could you forget?  Maybe you’re new around here.  I used that $1000 to purchase these beauties.


Bermuda Pendants in Satin Steel
Laramie Pendant in Vanilla Cream
Altus Hugger Ceiling Fan

Well, guess what?  The annual B.L.O.G. contest (Barn Light’s Online Giveaway) for 2012 began yesterday!  The first place prize is a $1,000 gift certificate, second prize is a $500 gift certificate, and third prize is a $250 gift certificate. All you have to do to enter is write a blog post explaining which light fixtures you would choose and send your blog link to the nice people over at Barn Light Electric. How’s that for a super easy blog post? Click here for the official rules!!

You seriously need to enter.  I figured I had zero chance in winning. I assumed Barn Light Electric would select a blog with a larger following for better press.  Nope.  Little ol’ Décor and the Dog hit it big.  I’m still pinching myself.  And jumping up and down each time I look at my pretty lights.  (It’s good exercise.)  (You can read my entry post here!)

Are you going to enter?  Which lights are your favorites? 

***I was in no way compensated for this post.  I’m just madly in love with my free lights and want you all to have the chance to jump up and down in your kitchen while drooling over your new pendants.***