Famous Stuff

Living in Iowa, we aren’t exactly surrounded by famous people.  When someone/something becomes famous, we hop all over that business. Since Flavor Flav’s restaurant closed, we are left with only a few chances for a celebrity sighting.  (Please note: I never made it to Flavor Flav’s restaurant.  It is on my list of life regrets.)

When my parents were in town a couple of week-ends ago, we headed to the area’s closest thing to a “famous place”.

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What is this little garage you may ask?  It’s the home store of History Channel’s American Pickers. It’s located in Le Claire, Iowa…about 15 minutes from our house.

I’m not a giant fan of the show. It’s okay. I watch it on occasion. I like seeing the items that they find hidden away in barns and storage sheds.  I feel a little sad, however, when they rip old people off.  I get it.  It’s a business.  But I like old people.

The “pickers” weren’t here on this day but we did stop in to check out the shop.  What’s it like?It’s small.  There generally aren’t many items that I can’t live without.  Except for some of their oversized letters.

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Most of the items are expensive….or maybe just out of my Salvation Army price range.  And a little creepy for my taste…

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Overall it’s a fun place to take visitors.  Would I make a special trip to Le Claire just for the shop?  No.  But the rest of Le Claire is charming.  The main street is full of shopping, antiques, and yummy restaurants.

The location does allow for a cheesy photo with your husband next to a ratty old car with the mighty Mississippi in the background.  Who could pass that up?

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Not this girl.

Any American Pickers fans out there?  Where’s your nearest famous place/chance for a celebrity sighting?  Met anyone famous lately?