Stroll Down Memory Lane- Siding

I’ve been slacking the on the look back at our house building process.  Mainly because we didn’t take many pictures during this time period because we were doing super fun things like wiring and plumbing.  Not very photo worthy.

The last time we looked back, the house got some mortarless brick…

It was then time for the siding on the front…

Wasn’t our yard beautiful?? Love it.

We also finished siding the back of the house.  We hired the guy that framed the house to do the REALLY high siding.  DIY stops at a safe height…at least for Nate’s mom and I.

There you have it! Roughly 3 years ago.

What were you up to 3 years ago at this time?  I was about a month into being a pharmacist.  I worked 8-5 and then went to work on the house from about 6-9/10ish.  Every day.  I’m not sure how I did it.  I can barely manage to clean for an hour at night now…let alone paint all of the trim in the house. Craziness!