DIY Window Headboard Tutorial-Queen

We’ve had a few requests for queen sized dimensions of our West Elm Window Headboard Copy Cat

February11 010

Here they are!  All directions are the same as the king size bed (follow them here)…only the cut list has changed! 

  • Using 2x4: cut to 55" (horizontal support on very bottom) 
  • Using 2x3: 
    • cut 2 - 55" pieces (top and bottom horizontal of headboard) 
    • cut 2 - 55" pieces (side pieces)
    • Using your 1x2s cut: 
      • ten 6.75" pieces (horizontal part of "window") 
      • ten 18.5" pieces (vertical part of "window") 
        • (the picture shows 20" but this takes into account the other pieces)
        • ten 6" pieces (for top and bottom of "window") 
        • six 3.5” pieces (in between “windows”)

Let us know if you have any questions and please e-mail us a photo of your completed project!! 

On a totally unrelated note…what accent color should I use for pillows?  Remember we are pretty boring traditional…