Our Wedding Invitation

While browsing Pinterest (oh, how I LOVE Pinterest…follow me here) awhile back, I ran across this image about 1000 times.  The image received lots of “repins”.


It reminded me of our wedding invitation.  Awwww….





And some scanned close-ups.  We aren’t sure if we still have a digital copy…we should look for that.  (I also cut our parents names off of the bottom to protect their identities. :P)

001pn 002pn 003pn 004pn

We designed and printed the invitation ourselves….is there any other way?  I found the idea in a invitation idea book (I don’t remember which one).  We liked the idea of making them ourselves.  I liked that they were a bit quirky but not too quirky (kind of like Nate and I).

Writing this post is making me think about framing the invite…but I like having it stored in the original envelopes. I only have 1 copy…probably a good reason to see if we can dig up the electronic copy!

Nate and I DIY’ed something “hip” almost 5 years ago.  Who would have thought?