Pantry Organization

Overall, we are neat and organized people.
I'm border line OCD.  It's a serious medical condition.  Nothing to joke about.

I HATE clutter on I throw it in drawers and closets.
Wah-lah. Clutter gone!  Everyone thinks you are a neat freak!

Until you need to find something....

I'm now on a mission.

The pantry was my first victim.

I'm a little embarrassed to post this picture but it is what it is.

Surprisingly, I didn't throw very much away. I just straightened, organized, and consolidated. 
(The Target bags will be returned to Target for recycling.  I just learned they did this! 
Way to go Target....add that to my list of reasons why I love you so.)

I didn't buy anything new...I just organized.

After about 20 minutes, the pantry looked like this....

It will probably stay like this until...Friday.  At least there is now proof that it was clean and organized.

And yes, I eat like a 6 year old. Don't judge.

How do you keep your pantry/food cupboard in order? Or do you?  Any fun storage containers? 
Are you one of those weirdos that has to alphabetize the stuff on there shelves? Weigh in!