My Kindle is My Child

I got a Kindle for Christmas.  I love it like I gave birth to it.  Seriously.

One-click ordering on Amazon.....fabulous for convenience, bad for budgeting. :P 
One-click and you have any book you want right in front of you. 
Tell me that's isn't awesome dangerous.

I try to alternate between the free books and ones for purchase. 
The free selection isn't bad but I feel I can only rot my brain with so many trashy romance novels.

I will try to share each week what I'm reading/have read.
(Amazon now has Kindle Apps for your computer, phone, etc so don't feel left out if you don't own the actual Kindle itself.)

There will be no in-depth book reviews (I'll let you read the ones on Amazon)...
I will only give you a personal rating by mwah...(basically does it suck or not suck).
This week's feature:
"Always the Baker, Never the Bride" by Sandra Bricker

Always the Baker, Never the Bride
Click here for book description!

It was free when I "purchased" it but now has a charge of $9.99.
I enjoyed it for free but I think it should be more in the $5 price range.
Cheesey and predictable. I did, however, have trouble putting it down!
If it goes free again, read it...if not, no loss.

I am currently reading "The Imperfectionists" by Tom Rachman.  Stay tuned for my rating...

Feel free to comment with books that you are enjoying this week!