Mirror, Mirror on the Mudroom Wall

Let's start the week off with my favorite...a before and after!

I've had my eye on this mirror (for sale at a local resale store) for a few months but just couldn't decide what I would do with it.

Michelle: "Nate, what do you think of this mirror?"
Nate: "You're going to paint it, right?" (with a hint of disgust and annoyance because I asked during football playoffs)

Of course I'm going to paint it!!

I even hung it in the mudroom all by my little self!

I purchased it while "junk" shopping this week-end with my childhood friend, Melissa.  I found it along with many other bargains which I will share throughout the week!!

Next Monday will be the headboard's big reveal (read about the project here).  (It just needs a coat of primer and some paint which I won't be able to get to until this week-end...darn job cutting into my decorating time)  Big week ahead!