Lowe's Gift-A-Thon

Nate and I have always been Lowe's fans.  When you build 2 houses, you spend many hours in Lowe's.

We became bigger fans this week-end!!  Lowe's hosted a "Gift-A-Thon" on their facebook page.  They were giving away 90% coupon codes for select products.  So we spent most of our week-end facebook stalking Lowe's (in between cleaning, home improvement projects, and hosting a Christmas party).  I thought it was a ginormous waste of time until Nate received not 1 but 5 coupon codes.....5!! Holy cow!

The first coupon code was for a ROCKWELL 20-Piece SoniCrafter Project Kit.  The kit was valued at $120 and we paid $18 (with shipping because in store pick-up was not an option).  Should come in handy for some upcoming projects.

ROCKWELL 20-Piece SoniCrafter Project Kit

Second coupon code was for a  Keurig Mini Plus Brewing system (in platinum).  Originally valued at $100 and we paid $8 and picked that baby up in store!

Keurig Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System, Platinum
Next coupon code was for the BISSELL  PROheat Upright Deep Cleaner. Originally priced at $79.99 will be ours for $7.99.

 BISSELL PROheat Upright Deep Cleaner

Next was the Generac 2000 Running Watts Inverter Generator. Originally priced at $579 will possibly be ours for $57.90.  We're still debating on this one...need to do some research for such a high priced item.  We are going to first see if any family or friends need this.
Generac 2000 Running Watts Inverter Generator
And last, the Dyson  12-Amp DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum.  Originally priced at $599.00, on sale for 20% plus our 90% gives us a Dyson for $47.90.
Dyson 12-Amp DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum
 Our house is going to be SUPER clean! :)

To recap: ~$1500 worth of products for ~130.  Not so shabby!  Thanks Lowe's!!!

**We weren’t compensated to mention Lowe's or these products, we just thought the gift-a-thon and our gifts were AWESOME!**