Decor and the Dog Photo

Are you tired of the same old options of artwork for your home?  We are here to help.

We currently offer a selection of unique photos for sale.  We offer the digital file or a print version.

We will send the digital file directly to your e-mail inbox. 
The digital file is for personal use only.  Please and thank you. Remember, Karma is only bad if you are. ;)

Prints are 8x10 and will be drop shipped to you from mpix.  Shipping is included in the price.  We have used mpix many times and feel completely confident that your photo will turn out great.  We are currently choosing to drop ship to save you money on shipping!  (Why pay to ship to us and then ship to you?)

The watermark (Decor and the Dog Photo) will not be on the digital download or print. Also note, colors may vary slightly from what you see on your computer screen. 

Each digital file is $5.00. The set of five photos is available for $20.
Each print is $25.00 .  The set of five photos is available for $100. (Shipping is free!)

Payment can be made through Paypal.
How do I order?  Click the ”Buy Now” button following each sample.  If you order the digital file, you can expect an email with the digital print files attached within 72 hours of your order.  If you order a print, you can expect the print within 7-10 days. 

Under the Tybee Island Pier Digital File $5.00
Under the Tybee Island Pier Print $25.00

Tybee Island Pier Digital File $5.00
Tybee Island Pier Print $25.00

Tybee Island Danger Sign Digital File $5.00
Tybee Island Danger Sign Print $25.00

Tybee Island Wind Surf Kite Digital File $5.00
Tybee Island Wind Surf Kite Print $25.00

Wormsloe Historic Site Digital File $5.00
Wormsloe Historic Site Print $25.00

Set of five Tybee Digital Bundle $20.00
Set of five Tybee Print Bundle $100.00

Chicago Red Eye Digital File $5.00
Chicago Red Eye Print $25.00

Chicago Board of Trade Digital File $5.00
Chicago Board of Trade Print $25.00

Chicago No Entry Digital File $5.00
Chicago No Entry Print $25.00

Chicago Willis (Sears) Tower Digital File $5.00
Chicago Willis (Sears) Tower Print $25.00

Chicago Under the 'L' Digital File $5.00
Chicago Under the 'L' Print $25.00

Set of Six Chicago Digital Photo Bundle $20.00
Set of Six Chicago Print Bundle $100.00

Sweet Lady Cow Digital File $5.00
Sweet Lady Cow Print $25.00

Vintage Tractor Digital File $5.00
Vintage Tractor Print $25.00
Rusty Old Car Digital File $5.00
Rusty Old Car Print $25.00

Rustic Barn Digital File $5.00
Rustic Barn Print $25.00

South Dakota Sunrise Digital File $5.00
South Dakota Sunrise Print $25.00

Farm Life Digital File Bundle $20.00
Farm Life Print Bundle $100.00

Sample Miley the Calf

"Miley" the Calf

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Sample Iowa Cornfields

Iowa Cornfields

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Sample Old Farm Equipment

Old Farm Equipment

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Sample Old Tree.jpg

South Dakota Field

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Sample Vintage Skull

Vintage Skull

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D&D Photo 2014.jpg

Miley the Calf Bundle

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Make Your Own Bundle!  

Choose any 5 photos!  (Please e-mail us at decorandthedog(at)gmail(dot)com with the 5 photos you would like included along with the paypal email you used to purchase!

Make Your Own Bundle

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Thanks for supporting our shop. If you purchase our photos, we'd love to see how they are displayed in your home!

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