I'm not sure what you are calling it but the Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon/SnO-M-G/or just a good old fashion blizzard has hit eastern Iowa! 

It creeps me out how many animals wander through our yard....

View out the front door

The clinic that I work at closed at 3:30PM yesterday and it is closed today as well. 

Nate is actually home least until the roads are passable.

Here are the current travel conditions for the state of Iowa...

Red = Travel not advised
Red circles = Roads are impassable
Arrow = General area where we live
At least the groundhog didn't see his shadow!

Blizzard Warning Week-end

A Blizzard Warning for the entire state of Iowa equals a lot of time trapped indoors.  Good time to work on some projects. Here's some of what we worked on!

End table on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Liked the black but not for the location we wanted to place it in.

After.  Looks lighter here.  Might need some destressing..still deciding. And yes, it needs centered.

Quilt for my niece due on Dec. 24th.  Still needs tied

Sugar cookies!!  Headed to the freezer.  Will frosten next week-end!

Busy week ahead!

We both have lots of projects to finish up at work before taking most of next week off.  Ike has obedience school graduation on Tuesday night (cross your fingers that he passes).  We also need to finish up Christmas shopping sometime.  Nate's work party is Friday night.  And we're hosting a party on Sunday night so there is the preparation for that.  Even though this time of year is hectic, we wouldn't have it any other way!!