Week-end Recap

It was a pretty laid-back yet productive week-end around our house.

We went to a Quad Cities Mallards hockey game.  It was chaos.  The crowd rivals that of a NASCAR race.  They chant "You Suck", wave their middle fingers in the air, and wear awesome hats.  It was intense.

Nate started to organize our office (talk about intense).  It's a disaster.  We had 2 drawers full of papers from our 5 years of marriage.  He insists we keep everything.  I want to throw everything away. We're compromising.

I hung out with Elmer...

EVERY trim corner in our house is cracked (due to the house settling and changes in temperature).  I started fixing the cracks. I got the first floor done and half of the upstairs.  Looks like this will be an ongoing project.  Pretty rewarding seeing the results though.

And here's a sneak peak of what you will find coming up on the ol' blog....

How'd you spend your week-end?