Guest Bedroom Update

We did a little more work on the ol’ guest bedroom this past week-end. 

It is still not complete but we are working our way there…baby steps…


We added the chair (read about it here).  We also hung some curtains and a mirror.  The curtains are from Target ($20 for the pair).  The mirror I found at a garage sale back home ($8).  Simple changes (minus the chair…NOT simple) that really warmed up the room.


Are you sick of the yellow chevron chair yet? I didn’t think so. I would like to clear something up.  The chair is totally safe to sit it…and mighty comfy.  I did use pins in an awesome upholstering job but you would have never known had I not told you…I swear.  Super comfy…super thick foam.  No stab wounds reported. Yet… :P

This room has come a long ways in the past few months…(read more about our progress here)

Picnik collagebedroom

Excuse the wrinkly duvet cover. I didn’t realize how wrinkly it was until I uploaded the pictures…and now it’s dark. I have no idea how it got so wrinkly…


Makes you want to spend the night, huh?  Luckily he’s cute..


We still plan to add a gallery wall (on the big blank wall) and crown molding.  I would also like to get a cheap (priced cheap, not cheap looking) chandelier to replace the boob light.  Yes, Mom, I wrote boob light.

Do you think I should wash that duvet cover before my parents come for the week-end? ;)

Be Our Guest {Guest Bedroom Decor}

Last week I gave you the tour of our guest bedroom (see that post here).

This is what the guest bedroom looks like a week later after a galon and half of Valspar's Gravity, a few sore muscles, and some new bedding and lamps.  (The bedding and lamps are all from Target.)

March2011 012
March2011 013

I was hoping to have the room completed for my family’s visit this week-end but that didn’t work out as planned.  I am happy with the progress though. 

I plan to add a gallery wall of frames on this wall,  Unfortunately I don’t see straight.(I usually end up thinking our level is broke...seriously) so I will wait for Nate’s help on this one.   (UPDATE: See the gallery wall here!).

March2011 019

I am also deciding on window treatments and a few other details (other wall hangings, blanket for the end of the bed).

I’m pretty sure the white duvet cover doesn’t stand a chance.  I have a feeling it will be bleached many times.

March2011 009

What do you think?

Read about the headboard here.

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Have a great week-end!