House Tour- Master Bedroom

Let's continue our house tour in the master bedroom.
Here is what it looked like early on....

And today in 2011...

  • Wall color: Poolhouse (Sherwin Williams)
  • Duvet: West Elm Parachute duvet (Feather Grey)
  • Headboard: handmade (see post here)
  • Night Stands: Crate and Barrel Brighton
To do list:
  • find a dresser to paint grey/white and place under the tv
  • add some accent pillows
  • finish sewing the cover for the bench
  • cover some books in grey paper for the night stands
  • hang some curtains or roman shades??? 

I might actually finish a room someday....maybe...

Next week I'll post about my awesome Salvation Army finds....

West Elm Parachute Duvet Review

Our new duvet arrived last week!  I'm in LOVE!!

I love the color (feather grey).  I love how it flows!  I love how soft it is! I love how warm it is! I love how it has ties on the inside to keep the comforter from slipping!  I love how it has a slightly wrinkled look so you can't tell if I was too lazy to take it out of the dryer on time or it's just supposed to be that way!
Rave reviews from this customer!!

I put it on the bed before washing (to make sure I liked it and didn't want to send it back). 
It was perfect. 
I was then afraid to wash it because it looked so good straight out of the package
(but not washing it is obviously gross).
I then washed it according to the directions and it actually came out looking better..
and it was REALLY soft. 
Also, the dog stopped rolling on it because it smelled new. Bonus.

The only negative is that it is a little short on each side of our king bed.  If you have a queen, I would order a king to get that extra width.  Not a deal breaker for me though...just need to some coordinating bedding.

And now for the next bedroom decision....

Do the windows need something more??

I'm debating between white or light grey curtains hung something like this...

Image found here

Or white or light grey Roman shades like this...

bedrooms - black white striped silk roman shades built-in window seat storage baskets bay window ivory cream striped wallpaper  From my beloved
Image found here
What are your thoughts?  Or am I just crazy and I should leave the windows alone?
I NEED your opinions!!!
(Don't talk to Nate before answering this! :P)

Tomorrow we'll do a full tour of the master bedroom to end the week!

DIY Window Headboard Tutorial {West Elm Inspired}

Here is our tutorial on how we built our West Elm Inspired window headboard (see post here for cost and time breakdown). 

Window Headboard, Twin, White

West Elm Window Headboard

ο»ΏFeel free to ask questions if we forget anything!

Here is the plan.  It is for a king sized bed. (Click  here for queen dimensions.) It is weak...some day I might be a fancy blogger...but until get this...

How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial

1. Buy your supplies.

*affiliate links

How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial

2. Cut the lumber.  You will need:

  • Using 2x4: cut to 75" (horizontal support on very bottom)
  • Using 2x3:
    • cut 2 - 75" pieces (top and bottom horizontal of headboard)
    • cut 2 - 55" pieces (side pieces)
    • Using your 1x2s cut:
      • ten 9" pieces (horizontal part of "window")
      • ten 18.5" pieces (vertical part of "window")
        • (the picture shows 20" but this takes into account the other pieces)
        • ten 6" pieces (for top and bottom of "window")
        • six 5" pieces (in between windows)

3. Lay out lumber in shape of the headboard as a dry fit. Put the good sides of the lumber (the sides you want to show) face down. Mark the back sides so you know which side to drill the pocket hole into:

How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial

4. Drill pocket holes using jig:

How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial
How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial

5. Screw headboard together.  This is where math and a right angle are handy.  I, obviously, was not involved in this step.  I was doing useful lamp shopping.

6. Sand. We used our Rockwell Sonicrafter Sander.

7. Prime.  We used FastPrime2.  It was in our basement. It works.  I applied it with a brush and a mini-roller.  It took FOREVER because there are A LOT of corners.  It won't look pretty after the prime...don't get discouraged.

(Also, this project would be better done in the spring/fall..instead of the dead of you don't have to paint in your live and you learn.)

How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial

8. 2 coats of paint.  We used Olympic Zero VOC Premium white, semi-gloss.  This paint is great.  It doesn't smell, is good for the enviroment, covers well...and did I mention it doesn't smell.

9. Attach to your bed frame using bolts, nuts, and washers (we used some we dug up in our basement) that are long enough to go through the wood and attach to your bed frame.

10. Enjoy your inexpensive headboard!

Like this project?  Be sure to check out our building projects here.  Don't forget to check out our other DIY projects here!  Make the matching bedframe with this tutorial!

How to build a headboard, DIY, West Elm Inspired, Tutorial
Build Your Own Window Headboard.  West Elm Inspired.jpg
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