House Tour- Kitchen

In between crazy craft projects, cute dog pictures, and Kindle recommendations...
I think I will give you a tour of our house. 

So far I have only posted the good stuff. 
From here on out I'll show you all of it.
The good, the bad, even the ugly....and yes, there is ugly.

Let's start with the kitchen.

Here is what our kitchen looked like around July 2008. 
Not too functional...

And here it is around September 2008. 
The dry wall is up but it would still be pretty hard to whip up some mac & cheese in this kitchen....

And December 2008. 
It is now at least functional but is missing crown molding and the island is lacking...

And here we are today!
Crown molding on the cabinets and beadboard on the island give it a little more interest.
We're still debating on a backsplash. 
We can't decide what we want and if we want to do it ourselves or hire someone.
Feel free to comment with suggestions!  We're open to anything!

Room info
Wall color: Svelte sage (Sherwin Williams)
Cabinets: Woodland/Provincial doors/Ivory
Granite: Epic stone/Black
Fridge: GE profile, french door
Cook top: Whirlpool
Oven/microwave: GE
Dishwasher: Bosch

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  There will be more next week...along with the duvet reveal!

Curtains versus Sheets

The kitchen eating area needed something......

I thought the answer was curtains. 

If only I could visualize things before I execute them...
For example, I thought these Ikea curtains would look cute in the kitchen.  Epic fail.  They looked like sheets.  And the pattern was a bit much.  And the curtains were white and the rug was cream.  And Nate hung them too low....and they kept getting stuck in the door.  And... :P

After learning a little bit more about hanging curtains, I decided on these curtains from Target.  And I made Nate rehang the curtain rods. It's amazing we are still married....I wasn't so sure after this adventure.

What do you think?  I wasn't sure what to do above the patio doors. 

We were super annoyed when the curtains kept getting caught in the door (we use the deck A LOT in the summer).  We didn't need the curtains for privacy...just we did away with the one getting stuck in the door...which left that area feeling like it was missing something. 

We decided on an iron piece from Hobby Lobby to add a little interest. 
Too much? Other suggestions??